Spring Fever

If you’re in a similar part of the world as me and a fan of warmth, then I’m sure you are OVER winter and dreaming of spring and summer. I have forgotten what I look like without a wool coat on and I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen my arms in a t-shirt in what feels like years. I’m forcing outfits and footwear that just don’t work yet, Ali! It’s still cold.

So instead of crying about it I’ve turned to Pinterest searches to find inspiration for apartment patios. The interior of our place is essentially done and because we can’t really make any structural changes, I’ve got to turn my decorating attention to our patio. I’m actually really excited about making it a space where dinners and chats will go well into the evening. Below is a collection of some photos that include many elements I hope to recreate for our little space!


The rugs make it flow seamlessly and I love the pop of colour of the pots.


My idea of the perfect summer night. Here. Wine. Good friends. Great laughs.


That cat looks preeeetty comfortable. Love the big pots and bushy plants.

a3c1b80adc9aa6045b834576b4aa55b1Candles – lanterns – fire!

Ahh.. summer. It’ll be here soon enough! Have a fabulous day.

xo Ali

*Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4

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2 Responses to Spring Fever

  1. Steve says:

    Am i supposed to lay on the cushion on the ground?? I’d be in to that


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