(not) Home for the Holidays

It’s here. Winter is here and while I’m not much of a snow bunny (I’m working on that) I do love this time of year solely because of the upcoming Holidays. I’ve always loved decorating for Christmas. I was often the one egging my parents on to put up the tree earlier and earlier. Last year, I put it up alone because I just plain wanted it up!

This year’s a bit different though as I’m now on my own AND living with a boy. Besides a couple of Christmasy items we’ve been given, our place is looking a little bare as far as Holiday decor goes. We are leaving on the 20th for a couple of weeks so we’ll be missing the whole darn event, which bodes the question: why even decorate?

We aren’t going to be buying a tree this year and we aren’t going to be doing anything very drastic with the rest of our decor. We were given a few things which we will put up but other than that, our house is going to be pretty bare. This got me searching on Pinterest for some subtle Holiday decor that I can even make myself. If you’ve been following me on Pinterest lately, you’re probably the victim of an influx of adorable holiday pins. I’m not sorry. As usual after I’ve wasted quite a few hours on that darn site, here are some photos of what I’d love to create in my home and ideas for the future:









Are you decorating? Do you go all out? Let me know! Have a lovely day!

Before I forget, I’ve got a brand new video of some recent book purchases and the beloved Kobo e-reader.

xo Ali

*photos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

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