Sober October

Now, I don’t want you to get the wrong impression. I’m not a big drinker, but I enjoy a glass or 4 of red wine every now and again. Since moving to the mountains and living with my bf, I will say my casual glass or two after work has become a bit of a routine I’ve fallen in love with. It’s no secret that since moving here, I’ve gained a bit of weight. I don’t want to be the first to tell you if you didn’t already know, but alcohol is a bitch to the waistline no matter how hard you try and convince yourself that the bottle of red organic wine is ‘good for you.’ Please. It didn’t work for me, so I’m sorry, it’s not going to work for you.

Enter – Sober October. It’s exactly how it sounds, no booze for 31 days. Easy, right? Well let’s just say it’s day 2 and I’m doing terribly, I want that Granville Island Pale Ale so badly really great!

After telling a few people about my Sober October, I’ve discovered it’s been turned into a campaign to raise money and awareness for cancers. October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month, so I figure why not do something good for your body and detox for a month. I’ll tell you this, I already feel fantastic and it’s only day 2. Will you give it a try? I’m lucky that my boyfriend, Steve is doing Sober October with me. I feel like a support system is the key.



xo Ali

PS. If you are participating, GOOD LUCK AND DRINK UP THAT H2O!

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5 Responses to Sober October

  1. How are you finding that it is going so far? :)


    • Ali says:

      Well… I won’t lie, I had a bit of fun on Thanksgiving. But I’ve discovered the point of Sober October is just to have less beverages and save the fun for the weekend! :) It’s been a good challenge though. I feel much much healthier.


    • So you’ve sorta come to a liveable and realistic settling. I like it. :)


  2. Sarah says:

    Eek. Good luck!


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