An Open Letter to Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Dear Joey,

Can I call you Joey? I just think it suits you and those dimples a bit better, that’s all. I’ve been wanting to write you since that fateful afternoon after school when I first saw you in 3rd Rock From the sun aka best show ever. You, with your long silky hair and innocent puppy dog eyes. I knew I liked you, but it’s hard to tell just how much at age 10. Now at 25, know why you rock (…I went there). Like I said, you were (and are) so innocent and it allowed girls like me to ‘crush’ on someone that wasn’t a bad-ass, or in a boy-band, or too old. You allowed girls in band, musical theatre, student council etc., a legitimate crush because you were just a geeky boy-alien trying to make it in high school on earth. I thank you for that.

J 3

After the series was over and you had a done a few movies, most notably, 10 Things I Hate About You, you took a break. You said, “I want to educate my mind and explore a world that wasn’t in front of a camera.” Again, making it easy to love you. I supported you in this because I knew you’d come back. I know that education is important and that it’s something we would go through together, even though you’re 7 yrs older than me.

J 1

Then you came back. And boy did you EVER come back. The world was blown away by your wit, charm, and singing voice, but Joe, I knew you had it all along. I knew that those dimples weren’t gone forever and I also knew the world would discover them just as I had those many years ago. Now look at you! Besties with Zooey Deschanel, showing your muscle in The Dark Knight Rises, and being generally awesome. But recently, you’ve captured my heart again when you lipsynced SuperBass in a battle with two of my favs, Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Merchant. Your moves, your grace, your DIMPLES!

J 2

So baby J, I’m here to tell you that you’re it! You’re the one!

Good luck and we’ll chat soon!

xo Ali (your star)

PS. I love you Steven, my live-in boyfriend!

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