Getting Personal


While I love blogging oh so much, ever since I started Read Me, Dear I’ve struggled with content and direction. I’ve accepted that my blog is more ‘lifestyle’ than anything else. And so this way, I don’t necessarily need to categorize my blog into DIY, Fashion, Photography etc., and I’m comfortable with that as it allows creative freedom. There is one thing that I’m still undecided on, however, and that is just how personal do I get with readers? How much do I want people to know about me and my life that I splay all over the internet? I often wonder, if I were to get a little more personal and post serious discussions on my blog, would it grow? Would I get more readers the more in depth I get about my life? I just don’t know. Do people even care, really? Why do I think people even want to know every detail about my weekend or a DIY tip I picked up while perusing Pinterest? Because it’s not really about people… it’s about what interests me and what I think interests those around me.

I know that because I live away from my family and friends, this blog, my YouTube, Instagram, etc., allow them to feel a bit closer to me and the feeling is mutual. The internet is this glorious thing that allows us to stay connected to our loved ones despite how far away we may be. So when I post something that may be a little more personal, don’t be too alarmed. I want to test this ol’ blog out and see what it can become. Because as much fun (hopefully) it is for you to read, it’s even more fun for me to write.

Xo Ali


PS. Is there a topic I’ve written about that you’ve enjoyed and would like to see more? Maybe something I’ve never written about? Let me know. Even if it is my parents 95% pf the time, I love to read comments and connect with those who enjoy this blog.

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3 Responses to Getting Personal

  1. Hey Al-pal! It’s been ages since I’ve stopped by (due to blogging hiatus, and not reading anything online in a while!), and i missed you and your blog! Keep blogging about what inspires you, what you experience, and all of your thoughts, etc. because I think you are one of the smartest and articulate people I’ve known! I love hearing the things you have to talk (write) about, and the different perspectives you have. And I love hearing from a fellow live-away-from-homer too! I think the best way to grow your blog is to keep your voice true to you, and to be different – which you are – from the rest. People will come. They should, because you are a smart cookie with a lot of great insights that people like me love to read :). miss you tonsssss and hope you’re doing well!!


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