A message from an iPhone addict

Are you addicted to your phone? I am. I will say that I do go through phases where I couldn’t be bothered to check my messages right away. I’m not in one of those phases. I have my phone on me at. all. times. Granted, I need it for work and it’s wonderful for capturing moments, but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to miss the end of the world if I take a 30 second pee without my phone. I was struck by my addiction last night when we were watching a movie on glaciers and global warming, which is totally my kind of documentary, and half way through the doc, even though I was totally into what was happening on screen, I picked up my phone to check twitter, Instagram, etc. Like. Come on.

I need to separate myself from the little black rectangle that seems to consume my life. I’ve got to leave my phone in the other room and quit panicking that I don’t know the up-to-date info on the Royal Baby or that the Jays lost this game too. We are so used to setting our alarms on our phones. When traveling this is a great feature, but I’ve got a traditional alarm clock for a reason. I’m vowing to leave my phone downstairs, go to bed with a book, and read like I used to.

One of my favourite authors, Robert Frost, is famously quoted for the phrase “It. Goes. On.” in regards to life. I should listen once and a while and apply this to my phone addiction.

e card cell phone addict

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One Response to A message from an iPhone addict

  1. AlysaLovely says:

    My husband and I used to have a rule against using our ipods when we were watching tv together.. I might have to bring that back :)


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