Lake Life

I’ve mentioned it a few times before, so I’ll mention it once more: moving from Vancouver wasn’t easy. It was a bit of an abrupt move because when I got to where I live now, I didn’t know if I’d be able to stay due to a job and what not. Well I was able to get a job and a half (aka contract work) within 5 days of being here. After struggling to find full-time work that didn’t suck in Vancouver, I had to see the move as a blessing in disguise and just go for it. The first few months weren’t easy, especially because I’m not much of a winter sports kind of gal – I’m working on it. But summer, oh sweet, sweet summer, you’re wonderful. In the past couple months I’ve fallen in love with golf and am embracing lake life and the beauty that surrounds me. From necessary dips in the lake over the weekend – hello 37*C – to just hanging out by the fire chatting with good friends, this is a life a can live. Work problems seems to trivial when you enjoy where you live. So thank you to my boyfriend who has shown me a part of the world I might not have gotten to experience due to my sometimes stubborn personality. As much as I miss my Mom and Dad (and my Sar Bear), life is good here. Plus, there are these things called phones that allow long distances to feel short and non existent. I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

golf photo-1


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