Links ‘N Drinks

Happy long weekend, Canada! The weather is finally beautiful in my part of the world and I hope it is for you too. Now that the moving craziness has subsided, I can get back into posting a bit more regularly. I knew Links ‘N Drinks would be a favourite of mine, but I didn’t realize just how much. Shall we?

The Links

  • If you’re a lover of instagram then you’ll love/hate the truth of this.
  • This will age you and make you laugh. I hope.
  • The most bad ass cooking blog. Who ever is behind it knows their shit. (Sorry for swearing, Mom. I love you)
  • Poor, poor Vine. Check out how much Instagram Video has affected Vine usage.

The Drink

  • So I’m kind of cheating on this one as it’s not a mixed drink, rather a delicious summery, fruity beer. Yes, boys will like it too. This Pineapple Hefeweizen is so lovely that you will more than likely have many of them. I have. It was worth it. This beer was one of my favourites at a recent Beer Festival I went to and I was stoked to find it widely available in my part of town. It’s a seasonal brew so GET ON IT.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

xo Ali

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