Weekend Wonders

Oh weekends, how I just love you so – especially when you’re extra long. It was a holiday weekend here in Canada and I made a conscious decision to enjoy it and not go into work. It. Was. Nice. From planting, to golfing, to long dinners on the patio, chatting and drinking homemade wine (more on that later), I had a very lovely weekend. Though the weather was a bit crappy, I didn’t actually mind as it made me feel a little less guilty for laying on the couch all day watching YouTube. Here are a few shots from my weekend. How was yours?



An extra Happy Birthday goes out to my friend Erica! You can read about her here! Love you, dear.

xo Ali

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2 Responses to Weekend Wonders

  1. I remember reading this back in may but not saying THANKS! (what a douchebag). How’s your golf coming along? It would be SO NICE to play where you are, these photos are so ridiculous! Note to self: lug golf clubs to the mountains to play with Ali.


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