Dream On

dream on dreamer

I’m not much of a quote kind of gal, in fact, I scoff at most. Some might even call me a pessimist. There are those days, however, that one needs to retreat from the present and create a bit of a happy place for themselves. When something isn’t going right at work, or after an argument with a loved one, I often find myself floating into a sleepless dream. I think we have to allow ourselves that ability to escape – escape the pressing deadlines, the ringing phone, the pile of bills – and dream of a place you’d much rather be.

So dream on, dreamer. It’s good for you.

xo A

Ps. How do you like the new look? I’m not 100% on board yet, but with a little tweaking (or twerking, whatever floats your boat) I think I’ll like it!

*photo from here.

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