Video Update

Hey Pals!

I do love me some YouTube and while I may not be the best at editing (yet), I still really enjoy recording, editing, and posting videos. My favourite part though are the responses! I love to make internet friends and support friends who like to blog, twitter, YouTube etc. It’s just good ol’ fashioned fun, if you ask me. Wait, were you asking me..?

(awkward pause)

So, here you go… a video of me! You get to look at my face and listen to me chat about things. Yay!

xo Ali

P.S. It’s MAY? WTF?

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2 Responses to Video Update

  1. Erica says:

    I love your little short curly hair! It looks so good! Also, I am dying over where you live… god I miss the mountains so much!! And lastly, I love these videos! I’m behind on them but going to watch every single one now cuz I miss youuuu. I know I O U an email so that’ll come (ha i’m so bad at that), but in the meantime I’m creepin’ your internet life to get caught up! How’s the halfy training going guuuurl?


    • Alex says:

      Thank you my dear! I like my short hair too, but I will say I do miss long hair. Short hair is 10 times easier for the office though. Yeah it’s a pretty neat place – I love the city, but this place is SUPER fun and special. You’ll have to come visit! Half marathon training is failing miserably. We are currently finding a new place to live/will be moving soon and work is so busy/I’m trying to get outside and enjoy this place so it’s taking a back seat for sure… HAPPY BIRTHDAY <3 Love you.


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