Starting Anew

mando and tulips


A post during the middle of the week? But this is madness? No friends, I’m just trying to be a little more organized with my little life – and it’s working.

It finally feels like spring. Though it isn’t the most attractive season what with the gravel everywhere, melting snow, and lack of any green yet, HOWEVER, it still feels very refreshing. It totally gets me motivated to actually get to the things I’ve been wanting to over the last few months and become a little more organized. Also, who doesn’t love fresh tulips? They’ve got to be one of my favourite flowers.

Yes. That is a mandolin. No, I can’t play it. But I’m learning and that’s what is important, right? Right. This ties in with the whole ‘starting fresh’ theme of this post. I received this mandolin a few years ago as a birthday present. I was eager at first and even went to lessons which I thought were vital for an instrument I have NO clue about. I took a few lessons and then my teacher quit, so I was a little turned off by the instrument and felt a little helpless.

Fast forward to now and being in a new town, meeting new people, and everything being foreign, having something that you can push yourself to improve on that is just yours is really rewarding. I’ve been teaching myself with a few “learn it” books and I’m actually quite surprised at my progress.

In short, I’m welcoming spring with wide open arms and I can’t wait for those warm, summer nights!

xo A

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