Soapbox Sunday #2 – Quit bullying Taylor Swift

I could end this post with the title, but you guys want to hear my opinion on this subject, right? When I introduced Soapbox Sunday to Read Me, Dear, I never said all topics were going to be intellectually stimulating, now did I? No. I did not. So shall we?

Taylor Swift is a nice young woman who has everything going for her and you need to quit harping on her. My Mom is a teacher, an incredible teacher might I add (I love you Mommy) and a few years ago she taught a grade 4 class for advanced kids. These kids were around 9 or 10 years old. I would love going to her classroom after university classes on Friday afternoons and hang with the kids and help my Mom in her classroom. I remember one afternoon she asked me if she could borrow my Taylor Swift CD. I said “Sure Mom, but I didn’t know you were a fan.” She said “I’m not, but the girls want to listen to her and their parents won’t let them have the CD.” …. *Jaw drops* “You’re kidding me,” I say. “Nope,” says Mama C.

Taylor Swift. These parents wouldn’t let their girls listen to Taylor Swift. Let’s just take a look back to the mid 90s and remember what kind of shit we listened to as youngsters before we clued in to what real music is, shall we? Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, B4-4, O-Town (remember Liquid Dreams – yeah… wtf), N Sync, Pink …(shit, she’s been around for a long time), and the list could go on forever.

T Swifty is the most innocent role model a parent could ask for. She’s public about how she doesn’t drink or do drugs, she hardly wears anything revealing, she runs her own shit and does it well, and she’s all around awesome. Plus, I don’t care if you think this face isn’t genuine, it’s adorable…

tswifty shocked face

So no, she may not be the most musically talented, but she’s one of the most genuinely  good role models out there right now. And let her date whoever the hell she wants… she’s 23 and that’s what you’re supposed to be doing.

So sing on Taylor Swift, sing on. I GOT YOUR BACK, GIRL!

xo A


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3 Responses to Soapbox Sunday #2 – Quit bullying Taylor Swift

  1. Okay I agree with you – she is definitely genuinely nice. I do have to say that she iiiiiiis incredibly annoying though…I think the whole hate-on she had for Amy Poehler just totally turned my opinion on her because prior to that, she didn’t annoy me so much. BUT the beginning and end of this is you are absolutely right, people shouldn’t rag on others for no real reason!

    Alex xo


    • Alex says:

      I agree with you on the Amy Poehler comment. I love Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to no end. I’m pretty sure I’d die for them… okay, not actually. I guess my whole point is that as a role model for young women, she’s doing pretty well compared to what we had growing up!

      Thanks for your comment. Love your blog!


  2. AlysaLovely says:

    I love Taylor Swift.. the “Maybe I’m The Problem” jokes bother me so much. NOT ALL OF HER SONGS ARE NEGATIVE STORIES ABOUT GUYS! She does have positive songs about relationships, as well as songs about how she was the one in the wrong!!

    I have a lot of feelings about this.


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