Growing Up


What a hilarious time your 20s are, am I right? So much confusion, misery, and sadness, yet so much optimism, love, and passion. As the responsibilities begin to pile up, I often forget that I’m still only 24. I feel such a sense of urgency but then stop and try to think what that urgency is for. As I’m building my life with someone else and making responsible decisions like buying a set of cookware rather than a beautiful new summer dress, I have to remind myself to enjoy the process of creating a little life for myself and someone else. To make this process a little more exciting, I’m remembering that a new place means new decor! Enter Pinterest.

Have I mentioned to you guys how much I love Pinterest? Yes. Yes you have, Ali. I’m planning on doing another post on the ridiculousness of Pinterest in the near future, but let’s just forget about that right now, shall we?

I love to save money and I love a good DIY project, so I’ve been busy figuring out how I can take second hand and cheap IKEA furniture and turn it into something unique with only a few extra bucks. Even more than saving money, I love the satisfaction of making and finishing a project and answering “I made it!” when someone asks “where’d you get that?”

So with all the boring, adult things growing up brings, I’m finding it easier to find joy in the fact that I’ve got so many adventures ahead of me and so many hours to waste on Pinterest spend in the great outdoors being active and sporty and shit….


xo A

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