Update …on things

Life, right?

I think I’ve used that as an intro to one of my posts before. Oh well. My blog, my rules ya’ll. Also, no one reads my blog anyway so I’m good on the repetition of my best material.

Off track. Oh boy.

So, remember when I said I was training for a 1/2 marathon and then I completely changed my life and moved 2 months later? No? Well, I do. I was bummed once I realized that I would not longer be able to get out to Vancouver to run a 1/2, so I quit training altogether. Like I said, I was making major life changes so I needed a bit of a break from the running (not that I was far into training anyway).

Now that I’ve got things in order on the life front, the little pooch on my belly keeps reminding me that I need to dust off the runners and get moving again. Exercise makes a HUGE difference in how I feel, more specifically, my confidence. I’ve never done a workout and felt like shit after, so what’s been stopping me?

A co worker told me about a 1/2 marathon that takes places in my area around mid-August and I made the decision right then and there to run it. I’ve got just over 4 months. 16 weeks. Totally doable. (holyshitwhatamidoing)

Here we go again, pals. Yay for a smaller beer gut!

xo A

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