Soapbox Sunday #1 – All about the ladies

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. I never really knew this day existed until a few years ago and to be honest, I didn’t really pay it any attention. This year, however, I actually used the Google machine and researched the day, the achievements of women around the world, and the celebrations some communities partake in.

Imma raise my hands for all the women of the world because damn, we’ve been getting shit done. *Party pooper alert* But we’ve got so much more to accomplish. I’m not about to write paragraphs about the day, I just want to make sure you utilize the interwebzzz and research a little about it too. The day is about monumental achievements that women have made in the world in the last couple centuries, but I can’t help but want to add my little view on the day too…

I have made it a point in the last few months to watch what I say about other people, specifically women. We’ve all been through the hell that is Junior High and High School (what is that shit about anyway…?) so we know how mean girls and women can be. So how come it continues? Why is there so much judgement? This isn’t high school anymore and we are not going through puberty, though if you were a late bloomer like I was, then I’m sorry, the boobs will come. We all have insecurities. That is clear. But what isn’t clear to me is that a lot of women have a hard time growing out of that “mean high school girl” phase. We have got to stop judging and insulting one another and start complimenting and empowering the women in our life. I’m sure I’ll get a few people from Facebook reading this and wondering what the hell I’m talking about, and this, that, and the other thing… but, I don’t actually care what they say.

It starts with you and your attitude. What is that little quip you just thought to yourself about that girl’s choice of footwear going to do for you? Nothing. Who gives a shit? You have to do you and no one else. Support other women who are doing the same as you and every other woman on the planet – figuring their shit out. No body has the secret. There isn’t one other than finding your own, individual happiness. We’ve got to stop thinking that we are against each other and that we are in competition for something. We are all working for the same thing and THAT is what International Women’s Day is about.

xo A

Ps. I now realize that it is incredibly intimidating putting my honest opinions on sometimes awkward subjects out into the internet world. So please, be kind.

Also, is Daylight Savings Time your enemy today too? Because I’m about to hit the hay and it’s 8:30. You win this time “spring forward”…

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One Response to Soapbox Sunday #1 – All about the ladies

  1. I’m going to own up and say that I totally make inside-my-head comments about other girls’ shoes… haha. then again, I also sometimes go out and think ‘my shoes look stupid’ too and totally expect other people to be inside-their-head agreeing. But I hear what you’re saying, and I concur. And coming from my mostly-male work background, it’s really weird how immediately when another girl starts at the office (and sometimes that’s actually me), you’re like ‘ah! competition!’. And I hate that (even though I totally do it). You have inspired me to think more Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants than Mean Girls… I’ve gotta get out of this mindset. And while sometimes I think it’s okay to make inner comments on someone’s outfit (mostly I just do it because I’m pre-shopping for items I like based on what people are wearing… tell me other people do this too?), I think that it’s a slippery slope down to deterimental-ville, and I should really be more aware of that.

    Great post Ali… er Alex. Definitely looking forward to more Soapbox Sundays!! Love u!


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