Soap Box Sunday

You probably have an opinion on most things, right? Well I do too. I would say I’m a pretty open-minded person. I listen to other people and judge only when prejudice arises, which, for some, is constant. I try not to force my opinions on others and give those opinions only when they are asked for (… maybe not ONLY.) But this here blog of mine means that I could, potentially, tell the world about how much I love Amy Poehler, that people are lying when they tell you how much TV they watch, and that a woman needs women in her life to survive. See those, well, those were my opinions on menial things, except the last one… I believe that wholeheartedly .


I’m blethering. I want to introduce Soap Box Sunday to Read Me, Dear. What’s a Soap Box? People used to literally take the wooden boxes that bulk soap came in, turn them over, and shout out to the world. This blog = my soap box. There will be a wide variety of topics – some I care strongly about, others will be remnants of a wine induced conversation I had the night before. You win some, you lose some. That’s life.

So, in short, if you’re into listening to opinions, engaging in conversation, and being awesome, check back every Sunday for my weekly soap box rant.

xo A

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