Colour is a funny thing, no? Do you have a favourite colour? Mine is green. I like to decorate with small green accents everywhere. But when it comes to wearing green,  well, it’s not a reoccuring colour in my wardrobe. Black is though. Black. How I love you so! The way you just command power sometimes. You combined with soft, supple leather… DAMN GIRL! ;) I like to wear black. All black, in fact. Layers upon layers of black clothing, shoes, and accessories All different textures and fabrics. I’ve been collecting a few photos of all black everthaaang and I thought I’d share, because why not?

black1 black2 black3 black4 black5 black6…right? I mean, come on. HOT.


xo A

PS. HAPPY GALENTINE’S DAY!!! <3 I love every lady in my life, especially if you read this silly lil’ blog of mine.

*the images came from my tumblr which, as you probably know, is an impossible site to trace back to the orignal source. So, if any of these images are yours, let me know!

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2 Responses to Noir

  1. Sophie-Marie says:

    Though I wear colours frequently, I do like to revert to black every once in a while; it’s like a security blanket, or an old friend that never fails you (unless your cat’s around and wants to cuddle… haha)


  2. juleelatimer says:

    Black is the colour of protection, its interesting that your images all appear to be in the city, I wonder if you sent these girls to live in the country, would they still choose black. Something I’ve often wondered.


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