Secret Beaches

A friend down here in our tropical paradise bought a toy which allows driving on the sand and other fun things. I got to go for a little ride to a not-so-secret “Secret Beach” (not-so-secret in that everyone knows about it and it’s not often you have it to yourself). Still though, it’s lovely.


(please excuse the incredibly phallic image in the above photo – shit happens)

You drive along the beach until you can’t any longer and take these castle-like stairs up and down and all around these cliffs. After almost falling a few times (no alcohol was consumed before this adventure, by the way) we finally came to this little beach surrounded by cliffs, pelicans bobbing up and down in the waves, and an odd sense of freedom. I think being enclosed by cliffs with nothing else in sight but sun and water would bring about the most wonderful afternoon of doing absolutely zilch and enjoying the company you brought there.

IMG_7602 IMG_7610

Hope you had a wonderful holiday season and work wasn’t too terrible this past week.

xo A

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2 Responses to Secret Beaches

  1. I have a secret little beach near where I live and I love it! It’s my little go-to during the summers :)

    Alexandra xo


    • Alex says:

      They are the best! You feel like the only one in the world, as cheesy as that sounds haha Loving the new layout on your blog!



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