Sir Paul and The Boss

It was quite the weekend of legendary musicians here in Vancouver. Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen both paid a visit to their loyal fans, and no, I didn’t see either. However, my field of work allowed me to be surrounded by the excited fans outside of their respective venues – McCartney at BC Place and The Boss at Rogers Arena.

The crowds were a little older, but there were people of all ages that attended, which was wonderful to see. Despite the freezing temperatures (Vancouver, we need to chat about that… I moved to you because I wanted to get away from frostbite), the city was buzzing. From friends in the restaurant business, they all told me how busy they were and how great it was to host big crowds again (ahem, NHL Lockout – greed is screwing a lot of people over).

I’m not getting to my point very quickly here because I’m hoping you won’t disregard me as soon as I mention this is a post about fashion. Now, I am aware there are thousands of excellent fashion blogs out there and that’s not exactly what you’d expect (or want) from me, but surprise, surprise, I wear clothes too and I spend more hours perusing those fashion blogs than I care to admit. Nevertheless, at the McCartney concert I saw one of the sexiest looks on a man that looks even better on a woman: a suit. I’m not talking you’re boring old two piece suit with a button down. I’m talking taking exactly what a man would wear suit-wise, tie and all, and putting it on a woman. HOT. As I was standing outside freezing my ass off, a couple walked confidently past my co-worker and I wearing very similar suits, skinny ties and all. They looked fantastic and relevant and totally cool. All things that I would always like to be.

Pinterest photos for explanation and inspiration? I think so!

I love when people comment, so please do so!

Have a good one, friends!

xo A

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3 Responses to Sir Paul and The Boss

  1. Sylvie says:

    Suits are beyond timeless. His-hers-yours. :) It makes you modern, gives you self-assurance. You`ll be mysterious and sharp at the same time.


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