Books N’ Booze

There are many things in life that are unstable: a job, the weather, and currently, the NHL. Fear not, friends, as there are things in my life that are stable: my love for books and liquor. What an excellent combination, no? The perfect marriage, one might say. Except not perfect because if you have too much of one you can’t do the other… Can I get an amen?

I digress. I was perusing Pinterest (curse you, Pinterest) and I found a few images of my favourite things that I wanted to share. Maybe they are your favourite things too.

A Wine Cellar and a Library would be ideal, but I’ll put up with my Ikea bookshelf and wire wine rack for now.


(literally, I’m clinking you with an adult beverage… What, you’re surprised at my intense love of all things boozey? Guys, I’m basically unemployed.)

xo A

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4 Responses to Books N’ Booze

  1. Enjoyed the post, but why are the books in the first picture not on fire?


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