Seahawks Sunday

This past Sunday, a group of 14 of us headed down to Seattle for a football game and some good ol’ fashion American fun… Aka drinking.

This was my first NFL game and boy, let me tell you it was a blast! From the tailgating at 9 am to the after game partying (does this have a name?), it was an exhausting day. The game was quite the show – from the fireworks to the band, a lot of money went into it. Despite the sadness I feel for the fact that allllll that money could be put to much better use, it was an incredibly fun experience. It brings so many people together and creates such a sense of community. Sure the drunken idiots tend to ruin it for the rest of us, but that doesn’t really matter in the long run.

Have you ever been to an NFL game?


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2 Responses to Seahawks Sunday

  1. Take me to your next football game! Haha… I love NFL games, but sadly can’t even watch them on TV anymore since they’re on at ridiculous times of the night/early morning. Ah well, I hear the colts are doing well, so that’s good right?

    Also, I <3 Tailgating… a lot. Too much? Naw, there's no such thing. (although I did it in Buffalo in January, so there was such a thing as too much frostbite!). Miss you guuuurl. xx


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