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Here on Read Me, Dear we don’t judge books by their cover, genre, or (lack of) hype – we believe in equality and giving everything (and everyone) a chance. My goal for this blog is to encourage reading. If a book series such as Harry Potter, Twilight (ugh), or The Hunger Games gets people kids to read, then who cares if the plot is completely terrible (Twilight), or the characters sparkle in daylight (Twilight), or the film versions are 10 times worse (Twilight)… WHO CARES? What matters is that kids are actually reading. So, to be fair, I’ll be including books like The Hunger Games in this little blog of mine. I hope you stick around and leave your judging to Facebook.


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2 Responses to Next Up

  1. Roger Adkins says:

    I totally agree. Just did a write up on the same topic.


  2. Anabelle says:

    I will not touch Twilight with a 10-foot pole, but I’m willing to give Hunger Games a try.


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